Join Angela K Robinson & Falko, Mother and Daughter, as they jouney through the baobab...

Introduction to Through the Baobab

First book by Mother and Daughter

Introduction by Angela K Robinson
I chose the title for our book “Through the Baobab” firstly because I wanted people to know that the origins of this manuscript are from Africa. Secondly, Africa has a history of ancient civilizations and the baobab has been witness to all the events right down to this modern day. Thirdly, because it’s a mother and daughter piece - the branches of the tree denote our family history. 
I chose the title of “Kaleidoscope of Words and Dreams” to encompass my poetry not only because the world is not created in black and white but an uplifting collection of words especially in the stressful times we are living. 
A cross section of situations, some real, some imagined, some happy some sad, and sayings to introduce the mood. 
This manuscript began early 1994 in March.
It was finally completed in March 2006. In the beginning of February of 2006 my daughter brought a publisher’s brochure to me as she had been enquiring to publish her art work and illustrated poetry. She asked why don’t I also published the poetry I had had written in Africa. Pieces were chosen out of the two manuscripts and it was finally sent to the Publishers in June 2006. The final corrections were done in December 2006.      
What inspires me to write is my desire to share my thoughts and insight with others. Life is not only what we see on the surface, and life is not only mundane but exciting and filled with hope.
I started writing when I worked in the Town Hall in Bulawayo in 1984, and I found life’s difficulties make me more determined to succeed and find optimism in any situation. I’m not a defeatist, I may go into the corner to cry but I’ll always come out fighting. 
In all the world my favourite book is the Bible and I love to read the Psalms and the book of Revelation.
The poet I like are Emily Dickinson and Anna Akhmatova.
My favourite authors are Wilbur Smith and Stephen King.
Introduction by Falko
Here you will find a compilation of poetry focusing on relationships, distraction and the conflict of pain and dilemma; from seedling to its final pruning.
“Towards the end of our manuscript my mum and I worked very closely together. We discussed many of the existing poems and ideas to be explored through new writing – words, themes, feelings that were shared began to trickle in and colour these pieces – they are the resonant cords that tie our Mother and Daughter adventure of words together.
‘Introvert – a thorned reality’ has been set using the idea of ‘a night at the theatre’ – 
It was structured like this in my mind as I worked on the final mix. The programme follows the first act, the interval and the second act design. The First Act starts with a prologue, spurring the ‘actor’ on as an artist’s muse. The poems play out like the action on a stage, a love story unfolds, and a song for freedom is heard.
An interval from intensity - we see monologues in the foyer ‘Playing Up’, these exist as a distraction of nonsense and frivolity. 
The second act recommences with a salute of energy. This is the dramatic fragment climaxes with the story ‘You should have used the bolt’. 
The end brings a new beginning where the final curtain call is sung.
As we leave ‘the theatre’, the epilogue echoes in our mind…a prayer to survive ‘Lead me through the Baobab’.
It is fitting for me to use this medium to tell my story.”
Some book covers are painted art works by Falko.
  1. Hush by Falko
  2. The sun shines on all who stand in it by Falko
  3. Abandoned by Falko
  4. Impression by Falko