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Through the Baobab
Poetry of life
The Baobab Tree
The Baobab is a magnificent tree to behold. It is known to many as the ‘Up side down’ tree, its branches stretch outwards like inquisitive roots sticking up, hence the name. Some baobabs have grown to such proportions that roads have been excavated through them. It has deep roots searching for a water source and can survive for many life times in dry regions. The Baobab Tree is respected as one of the ‘Ancients’. Its fruit can be both sweet and sour, echoing the irony of life itself. In the rainy season it is dressed in a delicate hue of white blended with emerald green.
The baobab is a true symbol of tenacity. 
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Inspirational, lyrical, and childlike
Themes and feelings are reverberated throughout the pages of the book.
A Mother and Daughter adventure of words as they journey 
‘Through the baobab’
A vision of life, occasionally perceived through a kaleidoscope 
Of reality and dreams – sometimes clear, bright and straight forward, 
And others enhanced, distorted and pained.
A Book of two halves
Kaleidoscope of words and dreams
A collection of poems, meditations and sayings by Angela Robinson
Introvert – A thorned reality
Poems, anecdotal monologues and song by Falko

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