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Extracts below

Crystal Shadows Unlocked
by Angela K Robinson & Falko

Extract by Falko

Crimson Echoes washed with snow by Falko

Extract by Angela K Robinson

The light is fading.
As we watch - we see the wind hide and seek, 
Weaving streams of cold air in and out
She creates a motional sculpture,
A moving tableau of gold.
A movie of burnt orange, a sepia blur –
Before our eyes
A crimson echo of past lives.
The tall boastful trees have lost their dignity,
Their puffed up proclamations of grandeur empty.
They stand awkward – stark, exposed!
Their showy splendour gently robbed 
As the wind coaxed the leaves from their branches
Low – a merry murmur as she fondles the fallen foliage.
Deep in the raked core of the forest –
High in the hills,
A gathered hue of brown slumbers.
A sudden twitch startles
Heavy eyelids stubbornly rise,
A curious head lifts
The sea of brown stirs.
Quietly as a cushion, a shadow sits up
Unaware of what lies ahead yet drawn by the ghostly glow…
Careful not to wake the others, 
The shadow steals away from the warmth.
Inexperience totter, an unsure stumble…
To the mouth of the cave 
That gives way to a steep path and sharp cliff,
Below the competitive valley of twigs pose.
A gasp!
Wide brown eyes look up and see a fairy dance
Down from the heavens.
The wind from the valley inspires to play and to find a friend
She tends to him – her whisper carried far.
“A vision” she says
“It’s your first snow fall
Your first winter!”
She blows round his head and across his back
“Behold little one – your kingdom!” 
With a shudder 
He shakes the cold snow from his coat
And sees for the very first time,
This vision is a seasonal sign.
From youth to king – and soon to know
Crimson echoes washed with snow.
 Lioness by Angela K Robinson
Through the wilderness and gaunt plateaus
Wild game in their hundreds roam
The lioness sprints towards the river bed
Hunger burning, her cubs to be fed.
In a region of great soul and beauty
Dark and mysterious, a dangerous place.
Emerald green lakes and deep blue lagoons
Where rainbow fish swim, dive and race.
Along reeds and delicate wild flowers
Honey bees buzz, golden pollen taste.  
Shimmering butterflies and graceful birds
Soar through the trees to sunshine in haste.
Silently stalking, the long grass rustles
Brilliant colour of tawny brown flashes.
Swift power explodes with feline grace,
The deadly big cat gives chase.
Wilder beast, eland, impala make a dash,
Stampede in fear circle and clash.
Leaping through the air lands a savage attack
As the hunter lunges on the impala’s back.
Huge claws and fangs sink into its neck
Blood spurts, bones crack, eyes dim, a feeble fleck.
With a heave and a sigh the shivering wild beast,
Brought down by the cat for its midday feast.
The silent
face of love surrounds you –
in the colour of flowers and leaves on trees.
From birds that sing, the mountains, the streams.
From the moonlight, sunlight and perfumed fresh breeze.
There’s much, much more -
Love waits! 
Time to fly  by Angela K Robinson
Push the throttle 
forward, rush through the wind. 
Wheels up, flaps up, climb by the minute. 
Into open space on a thousand dreams. 
A burst of colour over rivers and 
streams. A lazy rainbow flight. 
Drift through time on 
shimmering wings. 
Everything changes. 
Wild abandoned clouds 
on a cobalt sky.  
Overcome fear, 
enjoy wonder.  
It’s time to fly.

Crimson Echoes
by Angela K Robinson & Falko

Through the Baobab
by Angela K Robinson & Falko

Extract by Angela K Robinson 

Extract by Angela K Robinson

Seductive Pleasure  by Angela K Robinson   
Along the path of an English garden 
Lovely perfume floats, to tickle
Your senses and playfully tease.
Captivating scents from a beautiful rose
Wafting on the warm summer breeze.
Dating back to centuries past 
Derived from the Rosa Centifolia,
These amazing plants are instantly seen,
Hundreds of petals - red, white, pink and green.
The ancient roses have a story to tell
Brought back to Britain from the Middle east,   
By knights returning from exciting crusades,
The battles, the glory, the escapades.  
Exotically fragrant the lovely Moss Rose
A favourite from Victorian times. 
Up to the popular present still pose
On walls, on fences, on trellises they climb.
A variety of colour, each a distinct feature
These stunning flowers bring.
With paper soft petals on long leafy stems,
On arms of the wind they gently swing. 
Deeply intense these lovely blossoms 
Soften and relax in early spring.
The sultry red rose a mysterious aroma
Among waves of delightful shocking pink.
Nestling happily among clouds of white,
Soft shades of gold and sometimes bright yellow
Merge with the promise of prolific delight
Surrounded by colours vibrant and mellow. 
Silently their magic spell weave  with charm  
And elegance, in seductive pleasure. 
Will excite you, invite you, to their magical garden,
An experience in remembrance you will always treasure.
Within the human mind endless possibilities exist, to accomplish the greatest good or destructive plans devise.
Baobab  by Angela K Robinson
Leaning against balancing rocks, 
sitting high on a kopje site, I looked 
across the rolling hills and down to the 
savannah plain.  An ancient land of 
ancient kings, a country and world apart. 
The long grass shimmered in the afternoon 
sun, ghostly warriors appeared jogging past 
in time to the beat of the drum.
Voices calling, softly humming an ancient warrior 
song - ‘Who is this who dares to sit in our Council?, 
the spirit of keepers chant.
This wild and achingly beautiful land, rich in gold 
and precious gems, sits serenely in the vast wilderness,
blessed with teaming wild life. 
Among the walls of granite rock with deep 
unfathomable caves, age old secrets hidden there the 
guardians jealously keep. I knew that here a great 
destiny lay, the destiny of a once great nation.
Far out across the noon day sky an African 
eagle flew, it circled high then swooped down low 
to crouch on a branch near by. He looked at me with 
piercing stare as if to examine my soul and say -
‘Can your eyes observe through time and space, 
to when the ancients ruled, where they go
or where they stay?’ Just as suddenly as the eagle 
came, he spread his powerful wings, up to the 
mountain side he flew, onwards and over the ridge.
The crimson sunset rapidly brought 
a breathless beauty to my beating heart.  
Riding westward on her fiery stead, the great golden 
ball fled, and in its wake ignited the sky 
with a panorama of fire.There, up on a hillside in a little clearing, 
besides a group of graceful wild plants, 
towering high over all in the waning daylight, 
stood the great and ancient giant.
It’s burly trunk and huge long arms reached out 
with strength to capture my heart and encourage me. 
I stood for a while on that rocky ledge to witness this 
amazing scene, and knowingly smiled with happiness, 
as my roots run deep through the baobab tree.